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The creative arts are encouraged from Pre-primary and progress right up to Senior School if desired. A whole range of mediums is explored during this time.

Experimentation and risk-taking are absolutely fundamental to creative exploration at Brookfield. In the open and welcoming environment of our campus, we urge pupils to flex their creativity without limitation.

We recognise the significance of the creative disciplines in all aspects of pupils’ lives – at school and beyond. Most importantly, we want creativity to be fun – to bring joy to our pupils’ lives; we want them to delight in expressing their ideas and imagination with passion and confidence. On a practical level, the creative disciplines open doors to so many careers.

The creative sector is one of the fastest growing sectors not only in India but across the World and we would like to see our students take their rightful place with the next generation of designers and artists.


Come Here. Go Places.

From Brookfield to the world