Our teaching methodology is to make the education stress-free for students, all the while preparing them for a bright and successful future!

At Brookfield International School, we have blended the CBSE curriculum with a global outlook to make our learners truly global citizens. Our skill-oriented course curriculum focuses on the overall development of students through the use of the best learning materials. The stress-free learning environment at the school develops confident, competent and global citizens with new-age skills. BIS builds an environment that maximizes the learning experience and inculcates the right values and ethics in the students, leading to their holistic development.

Real-world curriculum

While books may prove to be a stepping stone, but the relevant meaningful learning comes from real world experiences. BIS’s curriculum is designed to take the children away from the boredom of their classroom learning while introducing them to a new world of imaginations, creativity, experiences, and experiments. The approach of the real-world curriculum at the school is based on problems, projects, and questions versus the traditional curriculum approach of discipline, skills, and facts.


We at BIS aim to provide an inspiring and friendly learning environment so as to make the child feel secure and capable to develop their full potential. Today, students are digital learners and the school offers a research-based environment to them which involves researching, analyzing, evaluating and creating new knowledge. Research-based projects are given in all subjects.

The school follows smart class technology that helps to bridge the gaps between classroom learning and the real world. Students are given a platform to nurture their talent in Mathematics, Literature, Science and many other subjects. The larger aim is to develop skills in all phases of communication, speaking, writing and listening in the students. Stage activities are also organized like story recall, free conversation, rhymes, songs and more.


Newline is a award-winning interactive displays, intuitive software that offices interactive Touch Screen with 4K Utra Touch displays that promotes active learning, Feedback and critical reasoning in students.