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Smart Classes with BFIS
Dec 7, 2020 Admin

We are happy to announce that at Brookfield we have partnered with several education services providers to ensure our students have access to the latest technology, curriculum and learning methodology.

Our Partners

Newline – a global leader in interactive display. With their solutions our teachers can help students learn and engage in ways that expand their knowledge. The interactive technology helps students stay interested during class and empowers are teachers with tools to explain complex subjects better.

Extramarks – this partnership allows our students to access learning solutions at home, while simultaneously allows parents and teachers to track and evaluate the student’s performance. This collaboration has helped us tremendously during the lockdown as our teachers had access to superior evaluation methods and the entire student infrastructure was already online.

NComputing – a desktop virtualization company that manufactures hardware and software to create virtual desktops that gives students exposure to the most latest trends in Computing/IT.

At Brookfield we have a dedicated team that keep an eye on the latest trends – their responsibility is to cherry pick the right trends for students that will be beneficial for their future.




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