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Middle School

Everyone deserves a chance to shine, whatever their interests and passions. That is why we deliver a balanced curriculum for our middle school students, where choice is central, and the individual learner is given priority.

In addition to the core disciplines, students can choose electives from many of the courses we have to offer, whether it is languages or extra-curricular. We make no stipulations about these choices. Furthermore, our curriculum is designed to facilitate real world learning. The use of technology also increases as the student reaches middle school. The school follows smart class technology that helps to bridge the gaps between classroom learning and the real world. Students are given a platform to nurture their talent in Mathematics, Literature, Science and many other subjects. The larger aim is to develop skills in all phases of communication, speaking, writing and listening in the students. Stage activities are also organized like story recall, free conversation, rhymes, songs and more.

Outstanding exam grades are a by-product of our dedication to nurturing inquisitive, critical and enthusiastic learners. We know that if you develop the right attitudes and skills, exam results will come naturally.

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