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President’s Message

It is central to our philosophy that Brookies aspire to bring the best out of themselves intellectually and creatively.

Brookfield International School is a CBSE Affiliated Co-educational Senior secondary school, established in 2020 under the patronage of a long and proud heritage of Indo Global Education Society which was established in 2003 and today operates 4 colleges with over 10,000 alumni. With Brookfield we look forward into the twenty-first century with imagination and confidence. The value of an all-round education, in which each individual and their talents come first.

Our community values people. We are warm, compassionate and mutually supportive. Here, generosity of spirit and respect matter. We have the balance in our worldview to take the time to enjoy life. Our pupils, in all their diversity, are appreciated for who they are. They shape the community and, supported by staff who truly care, make Brookfield the rich and happy place it is.

Intellectual rigour, exploration, critical analysis, creativity, risk-taking, communication, teamwork – all are central to the way we guide, nurture and inspire our young people. Our role is to give young people the skills, confidence and capabilities to navigate their own paths through life – and the unshakeable sense of self they need to influence the world around them for the better.

Manav Singla

Come Here. Go Places.

From Brookfield to the world