Vision And Mission

Brookfield International School, a center of excellence in education believes that every child is unique and has immense academic potential and treasure within. The school aims to produce responsible and successful citizens of tomorrow. A stimulating learning environment coupled with the state-of-art technology, a highly-qualified and trained faculty, and a plethora of activities, the schools aims to nurture the treasure within each child.

Providing a safe, disciplined and intellectually-changing environment, Brookfield International School aims to be a center of excellence in the field of education. The school will stress on the simultaneous development of the spirit, mind, and body of the learners, and endeavor to bring out the responsible and well-groomed students committed to progress in the development of our country.

Our Vision

Brookfield International School aims to:

  • Nurture the holistic development of the students, leading to the fulfillment of the potential of every individual
  • Provide a safe and efficient learning environment for the students
  • Enable student-centric education
  • Provide excellence in learning
  • Offer holistic grooming to the students


Newline is a award-winning interactive displays, intuitive software that offices interactive Touch Screen with 4K Utra Touch displays that promotes active learning, Feedback and critical reasoning in students.